Take a peek The wilderness
as if you were there

In Taiki's talk "Nature Photo Camp", you enjoy his beautiful works with matched music. Listen to the amazing stories of the nature and wildlife. It must be a great chance to soak yourself from head to toe in the mother nature. The topics are not only about nature itself. For instance, the wildlife behaviours, understanding of the fragile nature in Alaska/arctic circle are perfect theme for school. In his Work shop for landscape/wildlife photography, you will learn the core techniques/ideas and will feel the fish scales fell from your eyes. Let's experience the professional nature photographer, listening to his surprising stories occurred in his photo trips.

Enjoy the Beauty,
Submarge yourself in Mother Nature

“Nature Photo Camp” is the talk by Yamamoto. You enjoy his works and matched music as a slide show. His works are not only beautiful but also they contains impact, emotional face of wildlife and the back stories in vast nature. “Different colors for different photographs”. Touching moment is kneaded into every single picture. Let’s take a look at the wild world and listen to the real story, so that you can submerge all your senses in the Mother Nature. Set your daily life aside, and step on the wilderness in Alaska.

Step in unspoiled nature, Become a photographer

How does he face his photography theme? Where does he go to for his photography trip? It may be difficult to see how wildlife photographer is. Somebody dreams that Yamamoto dashingly goes for his trip, however indeed, He is often covered with mud for hours in order to photograph one small mouse. Do you know that he waits that a storm passes by his tent in a vast plain, wishing no thunder strikes on his tent? In his talk, you can touch not only his stunning works and unbelievable stories, but also you will see his photograph or camping gears. You experience pro photographer’s trip with reality as if you become it. After this talk, you may obtain various points of views to read photograph.

Feel nature,
Understand Wildlife,
Learn Photography

Yamamoto spend around 3 months in the Alaskan wilderness every year. Most of his trips are solo ones, which means once he get in his destinations, he camps for weeks  by himself. Everyday is new to him and everyday he has to manage some matters or troubles. “The experience which nobody gains” has taught “how to deal with the matters everybody will suffer from” to him.  Join the talk and share his experience. For instance, the topics ideal for schools give the best opportunities to feel and consider the nature to susceptible children. They can feel and learn the real unspoiled nature which they can not see usually. Learning how to take great nature photograph is hassle, because you need a lot of experience with tries and errors. However, you do not have to fight against your camera. If you would like to learn how to take beautiful landscape or wildlife pictures, his work shops are the perfect match. Tell us about your demand, we  would suggest to you the fit topics. >Examples of Past Topic.


Theme "Alaska-the sound of sirence-"

Theme "Convey, 3 basic rules for great pictures"

Theme "Go to zoo, photograph close animals"

All his pictures has impact and sound as the titles show. Also those paint-like feeling pics are amazing!! Love the style. I wish I could go to Alaska someday, but wow, I made it at this conference room! I am really happy.
I could learn techniques itself by reading a book, but the ideas and points of views he has were really impressive. The contents were divided into only 3 sections, so it was easy to understand.

Theme "Good pictures, Great pictures"

His works are brilliant!! Definitely, I will try the technique for wildlife photographs right away. Not only the technique, but also the mindset for nature photography peels fish scales out of my eyes.

I was sooo happy enjoying many pieces of his work. They were just awesome... The photography technique I learned today can be used for the animals even in zoo, he said. I will try soon!

Shall we step in the Mother Nature only for few moment together?

​Contact us right now if you are interested in his talk (even a little). We are more than happy to let you know about the details (facility, schedule, or fees). Let's talk about what you would like to listen to or what would you like to learn, so that Yamamoto's talk can fit your demand. We hope we can share the beauty of Alaskan nature as much as possible. Of course, our planning service is FREE of charge!!
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