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Fine Art Print
Q. How can we buy Taiki's works?

A. Taiki's works are sold as fine art print. He hope all his photographs are printed out and hanged on a wall.

Q. Don't you have any photo works other than that ones on the website?

A. No. The pictures on this website are only a part of his store. Unfortunately, we can not open all his index online. However he has various different kinds of attuning nature pictures. Please contact us, so that we can pick up the pictures that fit your feeling.

Q. How should I decide the size of print?

A. Generally speeking, the proper size is selected by how far you enjoy the picture. When you buy nature photographs, the bigger the size is, the more impact you feel. Choose as bigger size as you can (e.i. B0 size won't match a small room). It looks like the same way to choose TV. If you could let us know the place you are going to hang the picture, we would suggest what kind of photograph will fit. Let's find out the best one for you together.

Q. I'd like to display your work on the wall in my house(or office), it's tough to pick only one of beautiful works!! Could you give me suggestion?

A. It depends how to choose a work. Some people take a picture after dozens of sight, the other people try to fit the color of picture to their interior/walls. The most important point is that you tell us your demand such as what you would like to change the space you hang the photograph, we would give you a hint. For example, if your goal is "I want to feel magnificent nature! ", then we refer the one shows a moose with Mt. Denali on its background. On the other hand, if it is "Have cute animals", flowers, fox puppy or bear cubs are the best match.

Q. When I display the fine art print, what should I pay attention to?

A. His works have printed on musium grade papers with one of the most durable ink in the world. A thrid party organization tested the life, then they prove that the life is over 340 years at most, if you store them under the ideal conditions. (Further information is here). However, as the result shows, if the print exposed under the bad conditions, it can fade more faster than the expectation. The bad conditions are 1- High humidity and temperature, 2- Direct sunlight(UV), 3- Ozone. Especially, direct sunlight drives the fade much faster.

Q. Should I apply the protection on the surface?

A. It is usual that the surface gets dirty with dust or exposed to sunlight, when you hang the work on a wall in your place. Appling a coating or display the work with UV block glass are really effective to the permanence of photographs. You do not have to hassle to detailed mat works, because only 1mm difference can affect to the impression. Don't worry, we offer both ideal framing and coating service as an option. Of course, if you own your favorite frames, that is wonderful. Yamamoto himself apply coating or protect with UV glass for all his prints in his place.

Q. What is Original print, Fine art print or Giclee print?

A. In this website, we use all as a same meaning. Each of them is the print which is printed on musium grade paper with outstandingly long life ink. They are stable and has amazing wide colors with detailed tone. We describe his passion and farther features in Fine Art Print page.

Q. What's the difference among Fine art print, c print, lamda print and usual print?

A. Yamamoto pour his passion in and committed to Fine Art Print a lot. In concrete, he try to set the highest balance among "The beauty", "Permanence" and "Empathy to the environment"  

In any points, the paper(photographic paper for lamda print) and ink are the keystones. Papers have a lot of different textures, and papers themselves own their colors. So there can be hundreds of combinations of inks and papers. For the "Best Beauty", he chooses one set out of them for each of his photograph.

Permanence is another priority. Many people lost their beloved pictures or posters by fading. That is because the print does not have archival quality with them. We only use the papers which match archival museum grade longevity. Archival print means the print has been printed with museum grade life span inks and papers.

The choice of papers and inks are not enough yet. He tests and adjusts the tiny color difference by hand when it is printed, then finally, the works ship to you. His all passion are only because he want you to enjoy the picture you love as long as possible.

Q. I found [ED-number] on the picture, What is it?

A. That is called edition number. Some fine art print have edition number which means Yamamoto promise he will not produce the same design print any more than the number. That is the typical way to keep the value of photographs/paintings.

Q. 「AP-number」What is the Artist proof?

A. "Artist proof" is the shere of Yamamoto himself. As he has copyright of all photographs, he keep the number of works. It is set separately than the limit of edition number. The number may vary, but mostly it is between 3 and 5.

Q. Do you have the price list of your Fine art prints?

A. We are sorry, but we do not open the price list. The price can change widely, because each work has different price. Also, the finish, surface coating, and frame work will affect to it. Instead of the price list, here shows the example. A popular size 8" x 12" (20cm x 30cm) will be $104 (USD, w/o shipping & tax)〜, Lager one 24" x 36" (60cm x 90cm) will be $860(USD, Limited Edition 1/30, w/o shipping and tax)〜.

Q. What is canvas print?

A. Canvas print is the print which is printed on an acid free archival quality canvas(long life), and it is not framed usually. It is a popular way, because it feels like you hang the photograph itself directly on a wall. It is easy to match interior furniture.

Q. How does he work as a wildlife photographer?

A. Thank you for your interest in Yamamoto's works. He mainly does Talk (Nature Photo Camp), and Fine Art Print.

Q. I'd like to ask you for Talk event (Nature Photo Camp), but the event time will be short...

A. No problem at all! He tries to adjust the contents fit to any time frame, so that you and the listener can enjoy. The shortest one we had was for 15mins.

Q. What kinds of topics does he talk in his talk event?

A. We have past topics page and you can find examples. Please take a look at this page. If you have any farther questions and concerns, feel free to ask us trhough contact page.

Q. Do you have sample contents you have used in past sessions?

A. Yes, we do. Please make a contact us.

Q. Our event place is located far away from cities. Could you come to us?

A. Why not!! Transport cost may be applied, but he is happy to come anywhere.

Q. Could you do the talk in elementaly/secondary/high school?

A. Yes of course! We understand the particulality of Shcools and educational institutions. We would pay attention with special conciderations. Please contact us.

Job Request
Q. We plan to held a cover story in our magazine, could you join it?

A. Yes, certainly. He tries to do whatever he can do. Please make a contact through contact page.

Q. Would you take a portrait for me/us?

A. No, he can’t. He pursue the profession in wildlife and nature, so we can not take the requests.

Q. Could you rent your artworks out?

A. Yes. We set the agreement of use Yamamoto’s photograph, then you can utilize his works for your purpose such as commercial, or mass media within the condition.  After you contact us, we will let you know the fee, procedure and agreement.

Q. I’d like to see your photo works more! Are there any opportunities to enjoy them?

A. Thank you for your interest in Yamamoto. We announce news on our website or facebook right away if something is released, Please check them.

Q. Are you planning photo exhibition?

A. When he holds a photo exhibition, we will let you know on this website.