Nature photographer

Taiki Yamamoto

Born in Mie, Japan. Taiki Yamamoto touched wildlife photograph for first time when he was student of Kyoto University. It gave sensational shock to him. I got really into the bears, wolves, moose, caribous and far northern wild nature in the pictures and then visited Alaska next summer. At the end of the trip, he dramatically met a cow moose in Denali National Park, and succeeded to take her picture. The experience drive him to decide to explore wildlife photography in unnecessary depth. Taiki usually go into quite remote wilderness and spent mostly in tent there by himself. His style of work is pictorial. It is the feature that his photograph is taken from on same eye level of wild animal's daily life.

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I thought photography is the best way to catch the nature and wildlife.

There are bunch of way to show wildlife and nature.


Filming is great one to show their actual life, using all time flow.


Over the limit of time and location, we can directly paint our imagination down on canvas. I feel a lot of art painting develops my sense.

However I chose Photography.


Photography can leave margin for imagining.

In the real moment I frame, I can put my intention, the atmosphere and the stories which is behind the scene. It has awesome balance.

I think there is no better way facing to variable nature world.

The strength which animals fight for their own life, the emotional faces in a short moment, the shapes and patterns that is made by nature.

We can not watch animal life from our city side, but it is full of surprise.

I always hope to get into their stage, and to photograph as if I am a member of them.

Thousands of fabulous nature stories happen in remote place from our life.


I wish I want to share the amazing nature with as many people as possible, and release shutter.