There was a little mountain 1km far from my base camp. 3 Northern Harriers were always play above sky near the mountain top, so I thought to climb up someday, but I just left it later. After mid August, it had much rain in Arctic range. When it was sunny day, I wanted to walk as much as far away. The end of photo trip reached, the clouds in the sky did not recommend hiking away today. It was a ideal day for short trip.


I left my camp on 6am, climbed only 500m up. The mountain slope was coverd with weak gravel, so my feet offen slid on the surface. Making a large sweat mark on my clothe, I reached top. There was a table like shape, but I was not be able to find Northern Harriers today. I walked around there. Then something white jumped into my eyes at the tip of the tableland like cape. It was a quite old caribou antler. It seemed had spent very long term. The antler which might overwhelm others have been sharpened by rain for passing seasons over and over again, the wind blow through the valley has spread it out. Now, the antler was about to almost return toward soil.

An antler overlooks and lain down on a tableland in arctic range. Seeing that it is on the way to be back to soil, the boundary between life and soil is getting vague. The landscape is not like a drawing which has distinct shape. It is same as life. I looked over the scenery as the antler holder did in his end, then thought of the life cycle.
                                                                                               ーAug. 20, 2015 Brooks range in Alaskaー

The life and soil