Residents around our feet

The snow fallen until 2 days ago was up to my west. I was stuck, I had only gears for summer. It has passed over 2 hours on bumpy road in the Denali national park. The bus passed through couples of valley and reached mountain area, then I got off. I walked with plowing deep snow, but melted snow made my hem wet. I covered my legs with gaiters, and go on for searching for wolves. After few hours hiking, I noticed that fresh foot prints run up on east mountain slope. However, the deep snow and cold temperature were interrupted me to trace them.

I gave up and sat on a little green field, a cry suddenly echoed around the area. I was surprised and looked around, couples of Arctic ground squirrel gazed at the invader. After that, pika also cried under the rock. The comfotable place for me is also comfortable for them, I probably sat on their apartment. Usually I say sorry to them and leave there, but I burnt out then. I did not want to place my hip onto the cold snow. I kept as quiet as possible, they got back to daily activity and run around. Anyway, they never mind about chilly snow, I wondered that they generate the energy from where in their tiny body. I felt their strong vitality match as wolves.


                              −3 Sep. 2015 Denali national park in Alaskaー